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NGO Club of Folk Art

Club of Folk Art, which is non-profit institution, was launched in September 1989. It has private school VEERIK, which has educational license of Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The main mission of the Club of Folk Art is to promote ethnographic handicraft through non-formal adult education.

The main activities of the institution are engaged with all kind of ethnographic handicraft. For example: making national dresses, producing all kind archaic embroidery and needlework, couching, making all kind of ethnographic bands and belts, weaving with looms, etc.

Club of Folk Art has several umbrella organizations:

Cultural Center of LINDAKIVI, Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association, Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union.

Club of Folk Art has several friends:

Estonian Union of Krasnojarsk, Estonian Union of Petersburg, Stocholm Ethnographic Club „Triinu”, Lace Studio of Pärnu, Handicraft Club of Australia.

Also there are some departments:

Department of Petersburg was launched in 1998. Participators are local Estonians. Also there is local band called NEEVO based on national dresses which were made under guidance teachers of Club of Folk Art.

The main directions of Club of Folk Art are following:

- Connect people who are interested in handicraft and maintain, teach national handicraft traditions and maintain continuity of these traditions.

- In adult further education trainings there is possibility to learn different handicraft and art types to improve better cope in labour market.

- Collect and maintain special handicraft books and patterns.

There are participants in different age and national groups in different handicraft groups.

Other activities:

Different kind of cultural activities, handicraft exhibitions, study visits. Also there is possibility to provide different courses to our customers.

Contact and information:

telephone numbers:

6 001 424,  51 55279 (on Tuesdays till 14.00 to 18.00 and Saturdays till 10.00 to 16.00)